Hi Guys, its time to show off your Project Management expertise in celebrating one of the longest festivals of India – Navratri. One does wonder…. Is it a festival, or is it Project Management? Confused... we call it the Project Management of a Festival! Though Project Management is moderately industry specific, it is immensely robust … Continue reading NINE PROJECT MANAGEMENT ASPECTS OF NAVRATRI

My Winning Plan for PMP – Jens Dickmeis

Hear it here straight from the horse's mouth... 🙂 Quote: Hi everyone, As promised a little rundown of the exam experience I had on Tuesday (12/09/17). First things first I passed above target, so I guess the amount of preparation I had was sufficient. Now a few things, that might be of interest for yur study phase … Continue reading My Winning Plan for PMP – Jens Dickmeis

My winning plan for PMP – Prashant Anand

It hasn't been much long, when I started my career in project management. And on the very first week a senior colleague suggested me to pursue PMP. I considered it, read eligibility criteria and other related stuff but didn't put much of an effort into it. After that, couple of years later I finally took a … Continue reading My winning plan for PMP – Prashant Anand

The KEY in Pursuit of PMP

Hello there, My experience working as a PM (mostly based on the PMP methodology) helped me a lot during the preparations and the exam. And my friends (Bhavik and Himanshu, bless you guys for that booster) did tell me that it would a fairly easy exam as I already had the experience. But you do … Continue reading The KEY in Pursuit of PMP

Colours of Project Management

Project Management is “a balancing act” that requires the management of competing demands, or constraints ─ and being always on top for assessing the impact of changes and chalking out the revised course of action. The tools of Project Management could be thought as various colours in the hands of an artist; using them in … Continue reading Colours of Project Management


Here is a condensed form of the article published in Nov 2016 issue of “Prakalp”; magazine of PMI, Mumbai Chapter and available at: (Page 30) To commercialise production of Shale gas, Coal seam gas, Light tight oil, LNG liquefaction, Oil sands, Ultra-deep water exploration as well as the Arctic, companies are increasingly engaging into multi-billion-dollar, technically … Continue reading GEOPOLITICAL RISKS IN OIL AND GAS MEGAPROJECTS!

Friend (PMI Membership) with benefits!

You would be wondering if this is yet another article about PMI Membership benefits. This is in fact an article which will not talk about the generic benefits… on and you shall find my personal experience detailed in it. No, I am not going to talk about the discount it offers on the PMP exam … Continue reading Friend (PMI Membership) with benefits!