PMP Confusing Terms

PMBOK® Guide contains terminology that you may not frequently using in your daily life (process analysis, check-sheets), incorrect terms that you may be using inadvertently instead of the right one (crashing instead of fast tracking) or not knowing at all what the terms mean (activity-on-node, code of accounts).


Your study for the PMP exam is going to involve a lot of such terms being hurled at you and it is very important to understand their meaning as the exam may contain terms in the answer options not part of PMBOK® Guide terminology yet shall confuse you in selecting the right answer. Further, in an anxious frame of mind in the middle of your exam, you may get muddled with similar sounding words and end up selecting the wrong option as the answer.

This section deals with the technique to master such terms in the GLOSSARY. The NUANCES section then describes in detail terms that are easily confused with each other and the means to differentiate between them.