About the book

pmp-discussion-1Vidhi (28th March 16): ‘Yippee, I cleared the exam… I AM NOW A PMP CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL.’

Vidyesh (28th March 16): ‘Congratulations… Your hard work paid off!!’

(Reviewing Vidhi’s PMP preparation journey)

Vidyesh (29th March 16): ‘We did not find the book for the study plan hope you have noted all the steps we have discussed.’

Vidhi: ‘Yes, you wanna share with someone?’

Vidhi & Vidyesh (In the same breath): ‘LET’S PUT THIS PMP STUDY PLAN ON PAPER’winning-plan-for-pmp-20-degree

buy_the_book-winning-plan-for-pmp-1Achieving PMP® certification is perceived as a tough task. Anyone joining this exclusive club is placed on a pedestal in the Mansion of the Gods. This perception takes birth due to the enormity of the syllabi and the difficult to solve real world situational questions.

kindle-appPerception differs from reality, PMP is not a difficult exam to pass! Both of us cleared PMP exam in our first attempt. If we could do it, SO CAN YOU!

pmp-mentorIn this book, we have endeavoured to hand hold and guide the PMP aspirant, whose battle otherwise is a lonely one. Our efforts, while preparing and in searching for the right approach to study had led us to many discussion forums and websites that mention guidelines on how to study. We had found these references to be generic and suggesting only means for candidates to develop their own personal plan. We realised that making a concrete plan for first time test takers is time taking and uncertain for success. This had puzzled us even while developing one. Hence, after several iterations, we have developed this plan that we attribute our success to.

This plan is what we have shared in the book for studying for and passing the exam. We request you to consider this as YOUR PROJECT, a temporary endeavour with a defined objective! The Winning Plan gives you the template to enable the smooth execution of this Project. It has been prepared by binding the project constraints of scope, time and cost but the underlying aim is to maintain quality.

We too had false starts when we started our pursuit to PMP glory. Trust us when we say this, both of us took around 2 years to appear after completing 35 contact hours of formal education. Job priorities, family constraints and sheer laziness stopped us from continuing. A strong desire to become a PMP certified professional ultimately made us overcome this lethargy and drove us forward in passing. We urge you to find fuel for your desire and use it to drive yourself in this pursuit.

We have brought on paper our exam preparation experiences that we hope shall act as a lodestar during any PMP aspirant’s journey towards attaining PMP excellence.