PMP = Passion, Patience, Persistence

Hi All,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I passed my PMP early December 2020. It’s been a year long journey but I got there in the end. A very big thank you to Vidyesh for all you support and for keeping me motivated. Also a very special thanks to this group for sharing your insights to questions and assisting during my intensive study phase.

I completed exam in a test centre and wore a mask the whole time…that’s a conversation for another time; worthy of an independent blog 🙂

To share some of my study strategy for those that care to know:

Study started in Sept 2020:
– started reading RITA again (first 3 chapters)
– Rita process chart review, PMBOK glossary review and formula review

October 2020;
– week 1 read chapter 4-6
– week 2 read chapter 7-9
– week 3 read chapter 10-12
– week 4 read chapters 13- 15
– Continue to review process chart and PMBOK glossary
– specifically didn’t attempt any questions, focused on theory, as had to unlearn my 16 years of life experience as a project manager and learn PMBOK

November 2020:
– understand gaps from October re-read
– purchased Prep Cast and started doing 50- 100 questions every second day (target completing questions on one day, and then followed by reviewing those same questions the next day and so on and so on). Recommend reading answer explanation to both the right and wrong questions, believe this is equally as important to support embedding and closing knowledge gaps
– I completed PMI mock exam and one Prep Cast full exam during this month.

Day before exam:
-No more practice questions, just read over notes and stopped at 3pm.

During the exam:
– remember to manage time effectively, don’t spend too long on questions that need to be worked through
– if there are a few questions that stump you, just move on and forget about it
– stay focused and trust your study, what you have learnt
– avoid going back over question unless you really need to, as that’s when doubt kicks in
– on your break ensure you, stretch, drink water, have a snack and go to the toilet….it’s exhausting
– be present in the moment, don’t allow yourself to think about what’s going to happen i.e. what will I do if I fail?  Is this question right or wrong etc.
– and finally enjoy and learn through your experience…..well try too anyway, no matter what the outcome….
– and remember the secret to passing your PMP is to make sure you have passion for what you do, have patience during your journey and be persistence.

Thanks again.

Wishing you all the best of luck…Jo 😄

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