OPTING FOR THE PMP OPT (Online Proctored Test)

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After having written the FAQs for the OPT PMP, we received several requests from our aspirants for clarifying doubts for scheduling the OPT. Some of them had booked the Centre Based Test (CBT) but were unable to make it to the test centres while other were giving the OPT exam booking a fresh thought.

Hers’s a collection of frequent questions that may cross your mind while scheduling the Online Proctored Test (OPT) in your pursuit towards your PMP certification. A quick legend, questions are in black and all answers in blue / turquoise (symbolising calmness and clarity).

Do check out the article ‘During the online Proctored Test FAQs related to the exam’

1. How is the overall experience of getting the exam changed from Centre Based to OPT?

Test takers are able to get their exam changed from test centre based to OPT by talking to customer care through PMI call centre. One needs to wait for a long time on the phone for one’s turn but once you get through they get it organised quickly. Please avoid emailing to customer service for any assistance – it takes infinitely longer (over a week) for anyone to revert back.

2. If one on their own have to change their scheduled exam from a Centre Based to OPT exam, do they have to cancel their Centre Based Test appointment first?


3. If one changes from a CBT to OPT on their own, do they have to pay any additional charges?

For candidates who have already scheduled the exam but are unable to take it due to COVID lockdown or health restrictions, PMI offers to reschedule the exam and will extend exam eligibility if required. No extra fees will be charged to reschedule from a Centre based exam to Online Proctored Exam.

4. What would be the way out if the CBT exam was booked but the lockdown was declared in the city?

If lockdown is declared in the city and the centre based exam date is falling within the lockdown duration, then you shall receive a cancellation mail from PMI/ PearsonVUE. You can then book your exam either again for the Centre based test or the Online Proctored test at no additional cost.

5. One has booked the OPT exam date, is there any additional step between booking the exam date and taking the online exam?

Yes. For OPT, you shall receive a OPT confirmation email followed by system configuration check link, which you should complete well before the exam date.

6. Can I check my system (if my system config suits the exam requirements) before booking the exam date?

Yes. Here is the link from the PMI website for checking the system well before hand https://home.pearsonvue.com/pmi/onvue

7. Can I take the exam from my office?

For taking the online PMP, you need a quiet environment, with no one in the room, a good internet connect and a compatible computer / laptop. You shall now be allowed to stand from you chair during the exam. If your office enables a OPT favourable environment then you can choose to take your PMP from office.

8. Can I take the exam from my office laptop?

Official laptops have a corporate firewall with some restrictions. It is suggested to avoid if possible or take necessary permissions and clearances to ensure the corporate firewall is not a deterrent.

9. I always have an extra screen while working and I am very comfortable using double screen. Does the PMP have any restrictions on using an additional screen?

There are two varied experiences for this. One candidate was allowed and one wasn’t. This was dependent on the proctor who was assigned to your exam. However there is still not sufficient evidence / experience if the software OnVue will support extra screen. A suggestion would be to use a single screen to eliminate any confusion on the exam day.

10. How to I keep track of the latest changes from PMI regarding the exam breaks, OPT rules, procedures etc.

Refer to the PMI Handbook on their website available at

11. Is there any document from PMI for scheduling instructions?

Refer https://www.pmi.org/update-center/-/media/pmi/documents/public/pdf/certifications/exam-schedule-pearson-vue.pdf

We have tried to capture the best inputs from the recent test takers. However it is suggested that you keep yourself updated by regularly visiting the https://www.pmi.org/ and the PMI handbook.

Feel free to comment here, connect with Vidyesh Alve, PMP, Prince2 and Vidhi Raj, PMP or write to us at thewinningplanpmp@gmail.com for any queries.

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