The Online Proctored PMP! No worries!

Are you worried of taking the Online Proctored PMP? Should you or should you not? Is this one of the questions you are adding to your life beyond the uncertainty of COVID 19?

Hers’s a collection of frequent questions that may cross your mind while planning for the Online Proctored Test (OPT) in your pursuit towards your PMP certification. We have brought to you answers straight from the horses’ mouth (recently passed PMPs). The idea is to bring more clarity to your OPT PMP exam. Questions are in black and all answers in blue / turquoise (symbolising calmness and clarity). SO




We have tried to collect an exhaustive list of FAQs’ for taking the Online Proctored Test. If you still have any question, you can comment below or reach out to us….

  1. Is PMP OPT a web based exam? How to enter the test taking window?

After booking the exam date, a link will be received to start the exam on the email. On the exam day they instruct you to download and install an application (OnVue) which, once the test begins, takes over your computer system and screen so that you cannot access any other system applications.

  1. Were the instructions from PMI® clear regarding the online exam? Did it start on time?

Yes. Instructions are straight forward. Once system check and check-in is completed, the exam will start in a few minutes.

For check-in, one will require to capture a picture of your headshot, confirm the photograph is clear and acceptable, display the ID proof and capture a picture of your ID, and confirm the photograph is clear and acceptable. During check- in, for those with long hair are expected to tie up to expose the ears and the shirt sleeves are required to be rolled up.

One also needs to provide a 360 degree view of the room before the exam to confirm that your workspace is ready for the test.

  1. Are we allowed pen / paper? bottle of water? hand tissues?

Nothing is allowed in the room during the exam, no food, and no bottle of water, no paper, and no pens.

  1. How does one familiarise / understand the OPT environment?

The examination is preceded by a brief tutorial to familiarise the candidate with the testing environment. One can find the calculator and the white board on the screen. The testing screen will also have a chat button to contact the proctor during the exam in case of any issues.

  1. When is the 10 min break scheduled?

The exam is divided into two sections. You will have a 10 minute break once you complete the first section. Once your break has begun, you will NOT be able to review questions from the first part, either during the break or the second section. When you are signed back in, you will have the remaining allotted time to complete the second part. In total, you will have four hours (240 minutes) to respond to 200 questions.

  1. Can one utilise the entire 10-min break?

Yes. But it can be shorter and depends on the individual. You can also opt to skip the break and continue the exam if you wish to.

  1. At what time do I have to be ready on the exam day for the OPT?

On the exam day, the exam link will get activated 30 min before the exam starts to allow you to do the check-in process.

  1. Is a physical calculator allowed in the OPT?

No. The system has an inbuilt calculator and you can get hands-on practice with it while they are walking you through the tutorial before starting the exam.

  1. Will I be allowed to use a scratch pad and pen?

No scratch pad and pen are allowed in the exam. There is a white board enabled in the online proctored test. You can have a glance here.

  1. Can I go back to questions that I attempted in 1st half?

Once your break has begun, you will NOT be able to review questions from the first part, either during the break or the second section. When you are signed back in, you will have the remaining allotted time to complete the second part.

  1. When does one come to know they have passed or failed?

A result for pass / fail will be provided immediately. Once the test is complete, the result will appear. Then there shall be a survey. Do not leave your seat before completing the survey. Else it is likely to be considered that you have left the testing environment without completion of test formalities.

  1. I was preparing for a centre based exam and I had planned to write the brain dump on the cheat sheet, can I prepare that on the white board during Online Proctored Exam?

It will take a lot of time to prepare the brain dump on the on screen white board. It will be a single screen, so if you want more space you shall be required to clear the white board and type/ use again.

  1. Any additional suggestions during the check in process

Make sure you are in good lighting – especially when you are doing check-in process, ensure you do the system check before your exam date and read on-line proctor policies and procedures mentioned in the PMI Handbook.

  1. Are there any specific don’ts during the exam?

During the exam, you are not supposed to do the following

  1. a) Murmur or read the questions loud
  2. b) Cover your mouth with hand basically you can’t even support your chin with a hand.
  3. c) Move out of your chair or even speak loudly.

You will be alerted immediately by the monitoring team on any violations, this is a bit annoying as few of the above points we do unknowingly also.

  1. How does one connect to the proctor in the middle of the exam if one has any query?

There is a chat function at the top in the exam screen. If you click it, it calls a proctor.

  1. How does the Proctor contact the test taker in the middle of the exam?

The chat function would be used by the proctor for imparting all instructions. In case of technical issues, if the proctor cannot reach the test taker over chat, the proctor would reach out via phone (this is the only exception to the phone rule). Your phone may be in the room during the exam but out of reach. As part of check-in process, one also confirms the phone number that can be used in case the proctor needs to contact you.

  1. What if there is a power outage and the Wi-Fi gets disconnected.

The online proctor shall reach out to you on your phone if they are unable to reach you over the internet exam software.

  1. In case one is sharing the room with a colleague or friend, is it ok if he is around in the room while giving the exam?

Nobody else is allowed in the exam area while the exam is underway. Would suggest you to discuss with your colleague to allow you to take the test peacefully and avoid any contradiction with the exam rules.

  1. Only those people who have booked their centre based exam and are unable to go to centre due to COVID 19 are allowed to take the OPT or it is for all?

The PMI Online Proctored exam is for all candidates willing to appear for PMP. The OPT PMP exam option will continue now onwards along CBT.

  1. How to I keep track of the latest changes from PMI regarding the exam breaks, OPT rules, procedures etc.

Refer to the PMI Handbook on their website available at

  1. Is there any document from PMI for scheduling instructions?


  1. What are the chances that people would cheat and someone else takes the test on my behalf

The entire exam is recorded and monitored by an online proctor. You are not supposed to move out of your chair or cover your face. If the proctor observes any anomaly he can immediately terminate the exam.

  1. When is the exam attempt considered as complete?

There has been a case where a candidate completed his exam and saw ‘Congratulations’ on his screen and went out to inform his success to his family. Suddenly, he got a call that his exam has been disregarded and considered as void as he had not completed the exam process since, there is a survey that needs to be completed after the result is displayed and only after the survey the exam is considered as complete. Later PMI representatives helped him and considered his efforts as valid.

24. What will happen if one does not return in 10 min after the break?

If you do not return to the room at the conclusion of your 10-minute break, your exam session will be terminated.

25. Can we take the exam on Sunday?

Online proctored exams can be scheduled online 24/7, and exam appointments are offered every day of the week.

We have tried to capture the best inputs from the recent test takers. However it is suggested that you keep yourself updated by regularly visiting the and the PMI handbook.

Feel free to comment here, connect with Vidyesh Alve, PMP, Prince2 and Vidhi Raj, PMP or write to us at for any queries.

3 thoughts on “The Online Proctored PMP! No worries!

  1. Thank you very much for this wonderful collation of information for aspirant PMPs like me. I have a small doubt. Do we have to answer each question in order? Or can we skip seemingly difficult questions and come back to them later if time permits?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Kassapa
      There is an option to mark a question for review. If you wish to return to a question later, you can mark for review and attempt it later. Just a suggestion, there is no negative marking so it is best to attempt all the questions even if unsure about some of them.


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