Eat – Sleep – Rave – Repeat

Remember the feeling you had when you recurringly visited a club…. Eat – Sleep – Rave – Repeat… that was all you wanted to do then and life moved on saying…’All good things come to an end’ and your clubbing frequency reduced (I won’t kill it as I love clubbing).

Similarly in PMP – Project Planning – Project Execution – Project Monitoring and Control – Repeat.

Remember reading the PMBOK which mentions that above too occurs recurringly… till the Project (good things) comes to an end.

So if you have doubts while preparing for PMP, ‘we cannot plan we are already in executing / monitoring Process Group’… Wait for a sec and say it aloud Eat – Sleep – Rave – Repeat

#WinningPMPlan | Winning Plan for PMP | Winning Project Management Plan

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