Thanks to Winning Plan for PMP for my PMP on 1st Attempt – Karthik

Hi all,

I realized the real meaning of the quote ‘hard work never fails’, the moment I saw “congratulations” on the screen at the end of my PMP exam.

Yes, I did hard work and achieved my PMP in 1st Attempt.

Where to start…?

I started my PMP journey on Jan-2019 then I got my 35 PDU from Skillogic-Chennai 30th Jan 2019.

The time when I was thinking where to start my preparation, my colleague Mr. Prasanth-PMP (member of WinningPMPlan  whatsApp group) referred me to this group.

I personally thank Vidhi and Vidyesh for their personal commitment towards developing upcoming project managers with this wonderful WinningPMPlan whatsApp group.

This really helped me to be active during my preparation and it gave the chance to learn lots by analyzing & interpreting all the questions floated in the group. And thanks to all active members for making me realize my knowledge gap.

How to fill the gap…?

Again Thanks to Vidhi & Vidyesh to suggest a road map to pass my PMP exam.

Yes I bought the book WINNING PLAN for PMP from Amazon Kindle.

A simple understandable book for the PMP aspirants to know the important concepts of PMP with detailed explanation of important management process & knowledge area.

What Materials should be used…?

  1. WINNING PLAN for PMP book
  2. PMBOK 6th Edition
  3. Rita Mulcahy 9th Edition

Special note: I didn’t even touch the books other than the above for my preparation

About my preparation

I took 10 months for my preparation due to my official and personal works schedule. But finally I realized 3 months is more than enough to pass PMP certification, since I put in actual efforts in the last 3 months only.

I recommend preparing with right study partners will reduce your preparation duration, here I would like to thank my study partner Mr. Vengataraja Rajendran who supported me on my last 3 months of preparation as a study partner.

Below are the my step for PMP preparation

  1. Read once WINNING PLAN for PMP book
  2. Read PMBOK once (back to back)
  3. Read RITA once (back to back)
  4. Read RITA second time (back to back)
  5. Read PMBOK second time (ITTO wise) *

*I prepared my own excel sheet which covers all 49 processes with ITTO. I used to apply excel filter on either input or Tools & techniques or output column and select any one ITTO and start reading the same in PMPOK & RITA (wherever it applicable) this helps me to find interdependencies between each process.

Also supports me to correlate the IITO with all 49 processes.

Mock test (Hardcopy)

  1. Solved all chapter wise question on RITA while 1st reading
  2. Solved only wrong question on RITA while 2nd reading
  3. Solved PMP Exam Prep 1000+ Practice question by Christopher Scordo

Mock test (simulator)

  1. Udemy (Attended Mock as 200+100+50 Total 350 Questions)
  2. PMZEST (Attended Mock as 100+100 Total 200 Questions)
  3. PREPCAST (Attended Complete full length 6 Mock test 6X200=1200 Questions)

Note: Total questions attended: Approximately 3500 question

My mentor Mr. Abhishek Sharma PMP

The person who supported me to get my PMP on my 1st attempt, His frequent evaluation on my preparation and mock results helped me to understand my knowledge gaps.

Thank you Sharma ji & Thanks to Vidhi for assigning him as a mentor.

Actual Exam

  1. I got only 30-40 questions in 3 lines remaining all are 1 & 2 lines only
  2. 2-3 questions based on formula
  3. 2-3 questions on IITO
  4. 40-50 questions in Change request


I recommend the below steps which may helpful for the future PMP aspirants to get their PMP certification.

  1. Join Winning PMPlan whatApp group (Be active in this group & answer all the questions posted here)
  2. Read PMBOK twice (Back to Back)
  3. Read RITA twice (Back to Back)
  4. Attend all 8 full mock test in prepcast simulator (which is similar to actual exam)
  5. Review your right as well as wrong answer with PMBOK

Thanks to all & all the best.



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