Cleared PMP on 21 Sept 2019 – First Attempt, Thx WinningPMPlan

Hi All,

I am happy to announce that now i am a Project Management Professional. Cleared exam on 21st September’2019. Over Target in all process group except Closing.

My journey started in April this year when i choose carrier path of Project Manager from Test Manager. Earlier intention was to get knowledge so that i can plan and execute projects in better and efficient way but then decided to appear for exam.

If you are bachelor then you have to manage only office/business work and PMP preparation but married with kids have another world. Earlier it was really difficult to find time for PMP but then i created preparation plan.

Here are important milestones in my preparation

  1. Started Project Manager Role on 1st April’2019.
  2. In April, watched Cert Prep: Project Management Professional (PMP)® by Sandra M Mitchell on LinkedIn Learning.
  3. June – 5 days Class room training on PMP Preparation
  4. July – Got PMI membership and ordered hard copy of PMBOK and RITA.
  5. August and till 20th September – full focus on PMP.
  6. Purchased PrepCast on 1st September. Appeared 5 full mock tests from 2nd to 20th September with 57%, 70%, 75%, 65% and 76%.

Learning plan and Strategy

  1. First read chapter X of PMBOK and then same chapter in RITA.
  2. Solved exercise from RITA and free mock test.
  3. Ensure minimum 2 hrs daily reading and solve questions posted on WhatsApp in tea/Lunch break or whenever get time.

Tips for selecting right option while answering questions:

  • Read last line of question first, it will give you idea what to look for in the rest of the question text.
  • Look for keywords in question i.e. whether asking for tools/techniques or process or documents.
  • Look for keywords least likely or would not be.
  • Look for keywords “not
  • Always follow the process no matter what. If a choice tells to skip a step, it is wrong.
  • Always communicate directly and ASAP.
  • Remember, as a Project Manager you are responsible. Don’t pass the blame to others.
  • Always select the option that seeks to problem solving.
  • Remember to document first before taking any actions

PMP exam:

  • Most of questions were only 3-4 liner.
  • I got ~30-40 questions on Change requests.
  • 3-4 questions from critical path.
  • Many questions which expect PM next action based on current situation.
  • Understanding difference and significance of Business Case, Benefit Management Plan and Project Charter is important. I got some question from them.

Finally i would like to thank Sandip sir, Vidhi madam, Vidyesh sir and watsapp group WinningPMPlan for helping me in this journey and best of luck to PMP aspirants.

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