Passed PMP on 30-August-2019 – First Attempt

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Hi All,

I am happy to share that I have cleared PMP exam after 7 months long preparation (depend upon everyone’s lifestyle and commitment). The Exam question was very straight forward and short but very tricky. For me most of the time elimination technique worked where I could easily remove 2 options, however the remaining 2 options were very tricky and you need to be very clear about the concept of the PMBOK ® Guide.

Firstly, I would like to thank Vidhi & Vidyesh for writing this book “Winning Plan for PMP” #winningplanforpmp #winningpmplan. It’s a great source of guidance for those who prefer to study on their own. And the watsapp group that they have created, it is group with global presence so it would be apt if I say that the group is active 24/7.

I solved each and every question on this group and whenever I had any doubt, I got nice explanations with ref to PMBOK. Thanks a lot to Vidhi & Vidyesh for their excellent support and guidance throughout the journey.

My Study approach was as below:

1. Read the PMBOK ® Guide & RITA Guide twice
2. Watched the iZenbridge videos and made notes out of it. 
3. After each process videos read the PMBOK Guide again 
4. Attended the KA test on iZenbridge and prepared a note
5. Did the above steps twice and then started giving the free mock test on different sources mentioned below.

Throughout my PMP journey I solved the below question sets.

  1. iZenbridge (1000) Questions
  2. SimpliLearn (2 Mocks) 400 questions
  3. Christopher Scordo (1000) Questions.
  4. Fahad Usmani(400) Questions.
  5. RITA Mulchy (400) Questions
  6. All Chapter end questions (Head First +Rita)
  7. Free Mocks (Troytec, Simplilearn, Oliverlehman, Edwel, PreparePM)
  8. Prepcast 1000+ Questions.

I must say, PrepCast questions are very good with all 4 choice explanations as per PMBOK which is very close to PMP exam and it builds your concepts very clear.

Sharing my experiences through the PMP journey and hope this helps you in yours too.

1. The PMP exam requires a lot of endurance and practice. Because most of the questions are situational, it’s advisable to solve as many mock tests as possible. Get a feel for the way the questions are worded. Also, don’t worry about the marks in these mock tests. Try to judge where you went wrong and correct the mistakes. 
2. Set a target of 3 to 4 months to pass the exam. It took me 7 months. Build a Time Table. Be prepared to take time out of your schedules and sacrifice weekend outings, vacation, etc. 
3. Focus on Risk (PMI’s Favourite), Risk Owner, Cost, Scope, and Schedule. Understand how a change request will affect all the Knowledge areas.
4. Focus on Closing and Initiation. These are small Processes Groups, but important ones. 
5. Go Through PMP Exam Content outline and cross-check whether you have missed out any of the outlined tasks. 
6. Understand what happens if a Change Request is not approved. Understand Validate Scope Process (Accepted Deliverable’s /Verified Deliverable’s). 
7. Understand page 25 and the difference between project documents and project management plans. 
8. Finally, build an interest in problem-solving. A project manager needs to solve problems on a day to day basis at different levels. So keep in mind that you are a problem solver. Carry that attitude to the Exam.

I will always be available for any help and guidance, feel free to contact me.

Wishing you all the best for the exam. Give it more than 100% of your effort and enjoy your journey towards PMP. 
Thank you and all the best for your PMP exam.!!

Thanks & Regards,

Varun Kangani, PMP®


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