Cleared PMP in first attempt on 03/29

I passed the PMP exam in first attempt. Sharing here my self study approach…hope you may find it useful.

Firstly, I would like to thank Vidhi & Vidyesh for writing this book “Winning Plan for PMP” #winningplanforpmp #winningpmplan. It’s a great source of guidance for those who prefer to study on their own.

At my workplace, few of my colleagues did join various classes for PMP training but after the training course, lost the steam and till date didn’t attempt PMP exam. Listed below are the steps that I did take.

  1. For 35 PDU’s – I purchased “PMP Exam Prep Seminar – PMBOK Guide 6 by Joseph Phillips on
  2. The next thing I tried submitting the application form online on PMI website. Since I didn’t have all the information handy and because of my laziness, I updated the form in bits and pieces. Due to which I submitted the application form after two months. And to my bad luck my application was selected for Audit review. My advise, have all the information at hand and then begin filling the application for PMP certification on the PMI website. Check guidance on the PMI website on how to fill out the application and how to provide a write-up on your experience in a concise way.
  3. Next when I saw the PDF of PMBOK 6 which ran into pages, I didn’t know where to start. On LinkedIn, did reach out to “Oliver Yarbrough”, who guided me on some of his and other trainer courses and requested me to buy Rita’s 9th edition. When I got the book, I was still puzzled from chapter 3 onwards as I couldn’t connect the dots.
  4. I found an interesting book on kindle “Winning Plan for PMP“. This book helped me immensely. It gave me a clarity on how to study and my approach. I did prepare my study plan as advised in this book. The plan that I prepared was for 6 weeks only. I did stick to it.
  5. I went through respective modules from Joseph Phillips, PMP training and respective chapters from Rita’s book. Then I gave first mock test, on That was an easy one. Did try few more and I scored really bad. While giving mock tests, I started jotting down sections where I wasn’t clear and I need to revisit Udemy course or Rita’s book.
  6. Went through the nuances, listed in “Winning Plan for PMP” book as well as found few more online. This helped me fill the knowledge gap.
  7. So please go through the nuances and take as many mock tests to improve your score and confidence. I referred to various free mock tests online like – Simplilearn, Grey Campus, Oliver Lehmann, PMAspire,, Project management academy, PMP exam, Prepcast, EDU HUBSPOT etc.
  8. In all of these mock tests, I didn’t find many questions on ITTO. Hence, I choose not to memorise it, just understand it logically.
  9. One can never be fully prepared. Two days prior to my exam bought “ELSAYED MOHSEN” practice exam from Udemy. It helped me to close out on questions which I repeatedly was getting it wrong.

In the exam, I found 4 or 5 calculation questions, two to three ITTO related and just one on agile.

Hope this was helpful. Wish you all the best. It’s all about being persistent, don’t give up and knowing these processes / knowledge areas does help you in real life.

Wish you all the best!!

Thank you Vidhi & Vidyesh! Awesome book, great job done!



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