It was an awesome experience to see ‘Congratulations’ on the Screen! I’m a PMP Now.

I am glad to share my Lessons learned here… hope you all find it useful!

First of all I would like to thank Vidhi Mam for providing such a great Mentor Mr. Dhiraj and helped a lot to achieve my PMP. Thanks to Vidhi & Vidyesh for making me part of the the group winning plan for PMP #winningplanforpmp #winningpmplan

I Just wanted to share the below important points, to help aspirants reading this article out there to clear their PMP exam.

– Read PMBOK Once & watch some good videos (I chose Jospeh Philips – Udemy) – While reading take notes as much as possible so that one would not have to go back to PMBOK again each time.

– Study Smartly eg. I had extracted all Project Management plans separately and prepared a short description about the plans and what it contains. This one time job will be very useful while your review just before the exam and anyways you can always review multiple times. 

– Similarly extract all Project documents, where all it’s the output and where it will be an input and when it will get updated. Very short notes while reading PMBOK. For T&T all major tools and its purpose at one location. Understand the concepts behind each and every tool/ technique. This will clearly help to identify which one is a tool, which one is document or a plan. Understand the concept behind each T&T. 

Don’t go for multiple books, PMBOK is more than Enough. Instead do multiple mocks from different sources, free or paid. I’ve used PREPCAST, RITA CLOUD, ELSAYED MOHSEN, GREY CAMPUS and EDU HUBSPOT.  JOSEPH PHILIPPS Etc,.

– Watch some videos on Process flow Ricardo Vegas, Phill C etc to understand the main pipeline and add all other ITTOs into the main pipeline to clearly understand the links between all the processes. No need to memorise, just understand.

– Mocks, Mocks, Mocks…. I had practised around 15 full length mocks with time limit and simulated the environment to best possible extent. You should treat every mock as real exam.

– From the mocks…identify and clear your gaps by referring to PMBOK, your notes, videos etc.

– Focus on Initiation & closing PG and Stakeholder KA. Very very important. Don’t underestimate these small processes. It’s best to understand each and every word from PMBOK. 

– Again study smartly, do mini mocks from different sources. Make sure to learn from the mistakes and try to not repeat the same. 

– Before the Exam take as much rest as possible. 

About the actual Exam: 

  • Questions are completely different from the mocks. Even if we do 10000+ questions, we will not find them on the exam. But I will definitely say… that solving a huge no of questions will automatically get us into practice of choosing the right answer. In my case I have seen some 6 Questions (I’ve done more than 7000Q) almost similar in the exam but not the same. Moreover, concentrate on Initiation & Closing. Rest all are equally distributed, one will never know from where we will get the questions. 
  • Some questions were short and very confusing. Unless you practice you will never know what is actually being asked in the questione. No more than 2-3 calculation based ones, only 1-2 ITTO based, but no agile based ones.


Hope this helps!

Regards, Dhamodaram Pradhan, PMP (You can reach me if you need any help or query)

One thought on “It was an awesome experience to see ‘Congratulations’ on the Screen! I’m a PMP Now.

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