My PMP Journey — Imran Parihar

I am happy to inform everyone that I passed the PMP exam on 25th March 2018.

My journey began in August 2017, when I enrolled with Synergy School of Business Skills – A Division of CADD Centre in Mumbai, India. I must say that it was a very good choice as it was a great platform for my PMP training. Special thanks to my trainer Mr. Kalpesh Ashar for his efforts and guidance.

After gaining the 35 PDU’s there was a sudden step backward in my preparations due to heavy work load and I was unable to find enough time for preparations. In November 2017, I booked my exam date as I had begun to believe that without a target date for exam, I would not be serious in preparations.

Someone from I want to be PMP group referred me to a whatsapp group WinningPMPlan which is administered by two great Expert PMP’s Vidyesh Alve and Vidhi Raj. Joining this group was my turning point as there was constant interactive communication between 150 odd PMP aspirants under the guidance of a dozen or more PMP experts. Within 3 months, over 1000+ PMP exam preparation crazy questions with explanations were shared along with detailed discussions. A lot of free study materials was also shared which was really very helpful. Vidyesh and Vidhi appointed mentors to the PMP aspirants so as to ensure maximum benefit and better results. Although I never opted for a mentor, I feel it’s always better to have a mentor. I must thank each and every member of WinningPMPlan group for their help and support especially Vidyesh, Vidhi, Anitha, Asha, Ataullah, Devang, Faisal, Kavita, Koyel, Madhusudhan, Sapna, Senthil Kumar, Sharique, Smita, Tijo, Vivek, Yazeed, Arun, Matt……………it’s an endless list. God bless and preserve all of them.

For my preparations I relied heavily on the questions and study material shared on the WinningPMPlan group. I read Rita’s book at least 3-4 times. I solved questions at the end of each chapter of Rita, Edwell, Headfirst and Andy Crowe books at least 3-4 times. After doing the questions once, the next time I would only do the ones I got wrong in the previous attempt. I took Mock exams from Prepcast, PMstudy, Wiley, Andy Crowe. I also did all knowledge area questions of Rita Fastrack. I did not attempt to memorize the ITTO’s . I used PMP Exam Mentor and PMP exam Prep applications. I found both very useful.

Three days before the exams I stopped doing any MOCK tests and just read Rita once again along with some flashcards and documents shared on WinningPMPlan.

During the exam I attempted 200Q in one sitting within 3 hours and then took a short 5 minutes break. I used the rest of the time to review the marked questions. I must add that 50% of the questions were very straight forward while the rest drove me crazy. I used elimination method for all the crazy questions and I got most of them right. Luckily for me, there were quite a few numerical questions and I was well prepared for them. I am sure I got most of the ITTO questions correct as I used logic instead of memorization.

I thank everyone from Synergy, I want to be PMP, WinningPMPlan, my family, friends and colleagues for all their help and support.

It feels great to be a PMP.

I wish everyone success in all their future endeavors.

Mohammed Imran Parihar

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