Steps Towards Apex

Finally, Mission PMP accomplished! After many months of preparations, struggle and hard work, I reached my goal in achieving PMP certification!

I am very grateful to God, my family, my mentor Vidyesh Alve, PMP,PRINCE2, my association with “I want to be a PMP” LinkedIn group and friends for their blessings and continuous support during my 2nd attempt.

Books are the real friends and guide. In my case, this turned in to 100% true when I came across this fantastic book ” WINNING PLAN FOR PMP® – A roadmap to pass the exam.” I started my journey with this precious book which contains many more invaluable tips and guidance. This book helped me to prepare my study plan and achieve my goal.

Thanks to Vidyesh for giving me an opportunity to be his mentee. I am thankful to Vidyesh for his long-distance mentorship, his guidance, continuous motivation even with a time zone constraint and sparing time after personal and professional commitment.

Hence, I thank WinningPMPlan WhatsApp Group that has been a major contributor to my success. This group was my study support circle, Here, each question and the discussions around it helped as knowledge enhancement and motivation factor for me. This group is administrated by Vidhi Raj and Vidyesh Alve. This is an inspiring group and committed to generate many PMPs and consists of many PMP aspirants as well as mentors who are PMP certified.

The “PMP Certification” was my mission, my need and my necessity to prove myself, to fulfil my dream.

When you try to achieve something big, there will be bigger challenges and hurdles will come. You need to focus on your goal, overcome by crossing one by one hurdles. Dream big, act as if it is your necessity, your need, your life. Your dream will come true.

The lesson learned on my PMP preparation journey is as follows:

  1. Analyze Yourself
  2. Freeze-Resources
  3. Make-Own Study Strategy
  4. Fix -Dream Day date
  5. Practice Mock Test
  6. Be calm on “The Dream Day”
  1. Analyze Yourself: 
  • What is your learning Style?
  • Visual Learning: Videos, Graphical Picture like Data Flow Diagram, Mind Map
  • Auditory Learning: Listening podcast or any recording
  • Read/ Write Learning: Reading from book, Preparing the notes etc.

  Analyze yourself and stick to your learning style; after all every individual is  different so is the learning style.     

  • How much time you can spare every day?

Its most important to study in a consistent manner. Analyze your time and plan.

Quality time is important. Don’t forget the popular proverb Julia Carney’s immortal lines (from her poem, Little Things) read thus, “Little drops of water make the mighty ocean”

  • Are you a late-night learner or an early morning person?

Please check and plan your study regime accordingly.

  • How much is “PMP Certification” important for you?

The more your hunger, the harder you will try.

  1. Freeze-Resources:

It’s better to freeze the resources first then start the study.

My resources: PMBOK and Rita Mulcahy’s Book.

Get stuck to limited but qualitative resources.

  1. Make Your Own Study Strategy:

I referred the following book to make my own study strategy because you are the best judge of yourself.

  1. WINNNING PLAN FOR PMP® – A roadmap to pass the exam”, written by Vidhi Raj & Vidyesh Alve

My study Strategy:

I followed PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) principle in implementing my study plan.

  1. Study as per Knowledge Area Wise (KA)
    • Start giving mock test KA wise after a 1-day gap of completion of each KA to find and fill the gap.
    • The Data Flow Diagram given in PMBOK is good to understand the in’s & out of every process and how each process integrates with others.
  2. Study as per Process wise

I referred only to the mind map and Data Flow Diagram for review

 Short term planning is required to achieve long term goal. Small achievements will keep you motivated. 

  1. Fix- Dream day date

The day you fix your exam date, your preparation will gear up automatically. Though there is always an option to postpone or cancel the exam, but let that be your last option.

  1. Mock Test: 

I practised around 2500-3000 question.

I referred the following:

  1. Rita Chapter end Mock test
  2. Paid simulator PMTraining
  3. Free Mock Test-
  4. Free Mock Test-
  5. Free Mock Test-

Practice more mock exams specially the 4 hours ones and do so preferably in the same time slot as your actual exam. That will simulate the environment to tune your body cycle to it.

Review the result of each test to understand the approach of getting the answers by either elimination method or key word finding.

6. The Dream Day

Being calm and confident on the actual exam day.

I hope my above experiences will help you in meeting your PMP aspirations too!

Continuous, consistent & rigorous study is the key to achieve PMP goal!


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