Alarming! Difficult to know how PMP exam based on PMBOK 6th Edition will be made difficult!

Last I checked, no one has won a Nobel Prize in Project Management. It still continues to be an art rather than an exact science! There is no radical change in the methodology, tools and techniques seen in the best project management practices. Agile, that the upcoming PMBOK 6th edition boldly incorporates, will NEVER EVER be used in the Construction Industry to manage projects! Yet, there seems to be a general sense of panic today when PMP aspirants talk about the next edition and how the new exam will shape. An obvious conclusion seems to be that the exam will get tougher. My question is…. How?

PMBOK 6th edition

Do drop me a line if you have any views on how the exam can get tougher…..last I heard, the exam was (and is) still based on the Exam Content Outline that adopts the Role Delineation Study to access one’s competence and determine the skills required to perform the role of Project Manager across all industries. Do you know, the Exam Content Outline is not going to be revised!

Tell me, a person who has spent 20 years in the Construction sector and intends to obtain a PMP certification, would he need to provide proof that he has also mastered Agile? a technique she will never ever use in her business? Will situational based questions become tougher due to the advent of the 6th Edition or because we have increased the complexity of projects by increasing their scales and going global? The latter is true of course and occurred decades from now!

Here is the link to the changes (found lots of them thanks to Dr. Google) with each one sure to scare the wits out of every aspirant! Education indeed has become a business of creating a paranoia first and then claiming to be the first to offer the best solution to it!

All the Best in letting me know what am I missing here???

Vidhi Raj, PMP / Vidyesh Alve, PMP, Prince2

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