Wining Plan (WinningPMPlan) Club – PMP Study Group

Welcome to the Wining Plan (WinningPMPlan) Club

“WinningPMPlan” WhatsApp group supports and enables aspirants to pass the PMP exam. This group was created by the undersigned co-authors in June 2016 and has presently grown to around 100 members, containing around 25 already certified PMP’s who have been mentoring the aspirants.

Watsapp group for PMP

A few rules to join our PMP prep bandwagon……

Our intention is to keep exam preparations foremost.. anything under the sun as PMP related queries can be posted… all are requested to attempt to choose the answer and justify their choice. Entry, participation and exit are voluntary. Here the intention is not to prove superiority but there are times we learn from our mistakes as well… priorities change from PMP study to other things but then all are requested to take time out to read the group discussions.. Also, even though there are PMP’s in the group.. that does not ever mean that they are superior… the difference is just that they gave slightly more than 66% answer correct (almost 34% wrong as well)…. success in PMP is achievable to all!!

If you are interested to join the WinningPMPlan (Winning Plan) club, you can contact us at:

Vidhi Raj



Vidyesh Alve




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