My Winning Plan for PMP – Arun Sharma

And here’s what Arun has to say!!


Thank you very much for giving me this chance to show my gratitude towards Vidhi Raj, Vidyesh Alve and the WhatsApp group WinningPMPlan of ‘Winning Plan for PMP’

Here is my journey towards PMP®:

I started preparing for my PMP® in November 2015. That was the time I had very minimal idea about what PMP® is.

After doing some research, I decided to purchase the Simplilearn PMP course for training and contact hours. I also purchased the Prepcast Simulator of 1800 questions. After going through them on my first read and giving the Prepcast questions my score definitely improved and I set the exam date as July 19, 2016. Did not realize the gravity of the exam. Took it very lightly.

And I failed. I lost hope and thought I won’t give PMP again.

One of the best things which happened to me was Vidyesh Alve from WinningPMPlan. He contacted me through LinkedLn and invited me to be a part of the group. I cannot thank Vidyesh Alve and Vidhi Raj and the group enough for all the guidance and the immense amount of knowledge that was shared, which helped me all throughout.

A few days before the exam I was low with confidence and Vidhi Raj came as a saviour. She mentioned to me that Every question has its answer within. These words changed my thought process and it was the only thing which helped in clearing the exam.

Finally, I cleared my PMP® February 9, 2017, after a rigorous amount of preparation and leaving no stone unturned.

My preparation material:

  1. Headfirst PMP®– It worked for me initially, but I preferred Rita over it during my second attempt.
  2. Simplilearn – This was one of the most detailed and an awesome course.
  3. PMBOK® Guide– It was a bore initially as I could not connect with it because of its dry nature. But Christopher Scordo questions analysis made me go with it one more time.
  4. Rita Mulcahy– I did all its exercises, alongside PMBOK® Guide, after every individual chapter. This was just the best book anyone can go for. I spent a huge sum in buying it and I am a proud owner of it. This is a bible for PMP aspirants
  5. Mock Exams – After setting up a strong foundation on the concepts I went for the Mock exams:
  • Did all the free mock exams,
  • Christopher Scordo – The name is indeed enough. This is so similar to PMP exam. Short questions but the closest to PMP real exam.
  • Other online sources – Exam central etc.
  1. The most important thing is to review your answers after every mock, which really helps because we understand the reasoning and concept behind why a particular answer is right or wrong.
  2. Also, during the process of preparation, if there was a concept which confused me, or I needed more clarity, I would go to my group WinningPMPlan, and then I would get all my answers.

PS: Behind all this hard work, there were times, when I used to get distracted with Facebook, Youtube videos, then one thing leads to another, and before I realized, hours would pass. I constantly reminded myself to put a check on myself and get my focus back. Pull yourself back, take that deliberate attempt to stay focused. I would once again like to thank my wife, my parents, and the group. 

 Best of Luck to everyone who is looking for PMP certification.”



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