What decides whether you shall pass or fail in the PMP Exam?

PMP certification is possible to achieve BUT it is a very difficult exam!

This statement needs a slight tweak and immediately things become far more POSITIVE…

PMP Certification is possible to achieve THOUGH it is a very difficult exam!

What decides whether one passes or fails in the PMP Exam?

It’s the attitude with which one approaches the exam. Here are a few myths that need to be busted as one tackles this examination:pmp-myths

  1. PMBOK® Guide is the dullest study book one can get hold of:

The fact: PMBOK® Guide is a masterpiece… it’s definitely NOT true that it is a dry read…. it’s written in such a crisp and precise manner that every sentence makes correct sense…with no beating around the bush, a possible reason for this myth is that we have got used to learning with spoon fed charity from teachers and parents., using elaborative and long sentences… another problem is that everyone biases us beforehand that it is a boring book…… however, when it comes to making clarity and sense, PMBOK® Guide takes the cake!

  1. An experienced hand with real life experience shall easily pass:

It’s true that an experienced person is much more refined if he has made more mistakes and learnt from them. Yet, that’s not going to make the PMP exam easy for him that he just swings it for a home run! PMBOK® Guide is a collation of the best project management guidelines from across the globe. Things that have been working or that have worked for your projects within your boundaries need not be the best practices globally. The framework given by PMI hence needs to be understood to be able to tackle the situational questions in the PMP Exam looking at it from a global perspective for the right thing to do and simply not what one feels is a good project management practice.



…. More loose hanging questions ringing in your head…

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