Nothing dreary about the Exam Audit Process!!

The prospect of having your PMP application audited should be the least of your worries when appearing for the exam. The chances of an audit are very remote as the audit selection criteria itself is very random. Fill the application truthfully by first ensuring that you meet the eligibility criteria and be relaxed that you shall be getting your application cleared (audit or not). Just remember that one of the ways that PMI ensures the integrity of the PMP certification is by auditing applicants as well as certified project management professionals throughout their programs. Honesty hence is the best policy!

The audit consists of the following requirements:

Verifying Project Management Experience: A manager, supervisor, or colleague (called the referee) who has first-hand knowledge of the experience on your application is required to review and then complete the Project Management Experience Audit Report. After they complete the form, they are required to place the Project Management Experience Audit Report in an envelope, sign his/her name over the sealed flap of the envelope, and return the envelope to you via in person or by postal mail. PMI will not accept faxed or scanned forms. No substitutions or incomplete submissions will be accepted.

Verifying 35 Contact Hours of Project Management Education: Applicants must provide documentation showing successful completion of each course submitted, meeting the requirements of the 35 hours of project management education. You must include a certificate, transcript, or letter of attendance from the company, Registered Education Provider (R.E.P), school, or institute that provided the training. No substitutions will be accepted.

Verifying Attained Education: To properly document your attained education you must include a certificate, transcript (official or unofficial), or diploma from the school with which you earned your degree.

In case in the rare event that an audit comes sneaking upto you, do remember the following:

  1. Read thoroughly the instructions given in the response expected from audit
  2. Self-attest your degree certificate, 35 hours PDU certificate
  3. Take signatures of your referee (whose name you mentioned in the application) on your project sheets… say you have submitted 3 different projects… take sign of reporting manager independently on each of them… put each of them in different envelopes… take sign of reporting manager on the seal of the envelope
  4. Place all the above in a large envelope and courier to PMI US office

It is actually as simple as it sounds

The best thing that you could do is discuss your application’s content with your referee during its initial submission itself so that you avoid any heartburns in case you face an audit.

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