Congratulations on your having attained PMP certification!! Kudos for your efforts!

Yet, look at this certification AS A MEANS RATHER THAN AN END!

It will be appraisals time soon and you shall strive to score marks in your appraisals by boasting of your PMP certification! An obvious comfort in your scoring high in appraisals is the survey reported on extolling the % hike in salaries post the certification.

However, do get rid of this complacency that the certification is a sure shot means of your success in the appraisals. You need to maximise benefits of the certification and most importantly PMI membership to impress your organization. Demonstration of your eagerness to learn and grow is not sufficient. YOUR ORGANIZATION IS ALSO INTERESTED TO KNOW HOW YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE ORGANIZATION SHALL BE ENHANCED BY YOUR CERTIFICATION AND PMI MEMBERSHIP.

Keeping this in mind, place yourself in the shoes of your organization. Having PMI membership and PMP certification is of no worth if it’s just going to be as credential on your visiting card.

The immense benefits of the PMP certification and PMI membership include:

  • networking opportunities – membership in PMI opens opportunities wherein through your local PMI chapter and membership you get to meet likeminded project professionals and heavyweights
  • Global job board
  • Availability of PMI publications and global project management standards
  • Access to standardised tools, templates, articles and guides to keep oneself informed and help increase efficiency on the project
  • Enjoy webinars, articles, blogs and papers

Utilising the above listed benefits from PMI to help increase the efficiency of your organization, bring clientèle through networking and help in the growth of the organization through learnings shall increase returns to its stakeholders. This shall help in creating an impactful year end assessment in enlisting successes against your KPA / KPI thereby benefiting you and the organization as a whole.


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