Following are excerpts of an actual conversation between Vidhi and Vidyesh


Vidhi (May 2014 after the 35 hours of PDU): “I have completed the 35 hours of training and now am eligible for the exam”. 

Vidyesh: “Hope you are not thinking to rest for a few days to assimilate the many things you learnt in 4 days training!”

Vidhi: “Was thinking to take some days off, but rethinking after your comment…. Ok, I plan to appear for PMP exam this year, but I’ll take a the date when I feel confident”

Oct 14 … Jan 15….. April 15…. August 15… (Same continued for a year)

Vidhi is sad (Dec 15): “Deadline for the PMP new pattern is Jan 16, I am not feeling confident, shall have to now take up exam with new pattern”

Vidyesh: “Vidhi, just throw the HAT OVER THE FENCE, you have been thinking of the exam for ages now… just take the date. Let me tell you some PMP hacks. You need to be a part of a STUDY GROUP, THROW THE HAT OVER THE FENCE, FIND YOUR MOTIVATION AND DECIDE YOUR REWARD.”

Vidhi (Feb 16): “Vidyesh, I have taken the date for March”

Vidyesh: “Awesome!! I am glad you have taken the date, was afraid that you are doing the same thing of postponing the exam like I did.”

Vidhi (March 16): “Yippee, I cleared the exam… I AM NOW A PMP CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL.”

Trust us, this story is not new and is common to thousands who fall short of completing their PMP journey within the realistic 3 months that it ideally takes. There are several instances when study for PMP certification does not get its due priority and sometimes not even on your top 20 to-do charts.

Below are 5 ways you can bring to life into your PMP preparation, each time it slips into the back burner.


Pair up with like minded people, either in from your own office or online. Join PMP study groups online on LinkedIn or Google plus. It can be bunch of people you met during your 35 hours of training session. But make sure you find PMP aspirants who are serious about taking the exam in the near future and not the ones giving you more reasons for procrastinating. Further you can always contact the authors for personalised and tailormade suggestions.


 It’s a simple concept. If you are thinking of climbing a fence, just throw your hat over it! You then have no option but to climb over it to get your hat back!


A sure trick is to fix the date of the exam. It’s living in a fool’s paradise thinking that you shall fix the date only when you have prepared well enough to be ready for the exam. It’s your approaching exam date that shall be your motivation to burn the midnight oil. Also don’t wait for dollar devaluation. Become a member of PMI, book the date, pay the fees and you shall be in full throttle to appear for the exam.


What’s your motivation to become a PMP certified professional? Salary hike? Promotion or a job shift? To showcase your Project Management ability? Opportunity to learn? Knowledge of global Project Management practices? Find your motivation and DISPAY THIS MOTIVATION BY PASTING sticky notes at several places in your home and office. This shall keep reminding you of YOUR PMP goal. You need to have that fire in your belly and then there shall be no one stopping you!


You have to visualise the post exam certification scenario of you rewarding yourself for the excellent feat that you will achieve. Honestly, it is your personal achievement. You have not studied because your boss told you or your girlfriend / boyfriend wanted to date a PMP certified professional. You have done it, because you wanted to do it. Decide your reward and tell it to everyone around. This will make you prove to yourself your capability and prove to others as well.


There are plenty of options available providing valuable information and study material that you can make use of when preparing for your PMP® Certification exam.  With multiple options like mobile apps, online discussion forums, ITTO Flash cards, Mind Maps and of course PMBOK and content based text books available, keep switching between them to break the monotony of your study. This shall prevent you from getting bored as you choose from the variety of study options available!winning-plan-for-pmp-20-degree

Of course, The WINNING PLAN to pass the exam has been specifically designed as a time-tested road map to facilitate your study!  

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