Match the following pairs:

Sr. Column A – Term Sr. Column B – Meaning
A Change control system 1 A technique used to shorten the schedule duration for the least incremental costby adding resources
B Crashing 2 A comprehensive list of changes made during the project.
C Fast tracking 3 A set of procedures that describes how modifications to the project deliverables and documentation are managed and controlled
D Change log 4 A process where modifications to documents, deliverables or baselines associated with the project are identified, documented, approved or rejected
E Change control 5 A technique in which activities normally done in sequence are performed in parallel for schedule compression

Answers at the end of the post


While reading the PMBOK® Guide, you shall find yourself being bombarded by unfamiliar project management terms and jargons. A valuable tool in understanding these terms is mentioned in the PMBOK® Guide itself… in the section that is generally overlooked …and that is the GLOSSARY!

However, simply reading the Glossary is not enough. Terms that you still feel unfamiliar will need to be referred back in the PMBOK® Guide chapters to understand their significance and fill the gaps in your knowledge… yes… it’s tough (only because of the volume of the terms) yet it is important to master the Glossary. The PMP exam sometimes includes made-up terms in the answer options. These terms are not from PMBOK® Guide and mastering the glossary shall help you to immediately eliminate such made-up terms.

Once you have gained familiarity with the GLOSSARY, you shall realise that questions in this category are the simplest questions that you will see in your exam!






Further on the importance of GLOSSARY… continue reading in ‘Winning Plan for PMP’

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