All about the PMP Exam!!

Preparing for PMP exam…

Looking forward to creating your own study plan…

You have come to the right place…!!

One thought on “All about the PMP Exam!!

  1. My Winning Plan for PMP – Utpal Rakshit

    “The book “Winning Plan for PMP” by Vidhi Raj and Vidyesh Alve offers systematic guidelines from seeding time to reaping of its fruits of aspiring PMP candidates. The book is the reflection of their enriched knowledge of project implementation in real life and PMBOK. Success of any exam needs a concreate and feasible planning. It speaks about a true plan how to be a PMP. It was really very difficult for me to plan accordingly when I was at the dead end of application expiration date and my second term of examination. Now, I am a proud PMP…….!!! Thank you Vidhi and Vidyesh :-))


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