Golden rules to pass the exam


Golden rules to pass the exam is an integral part of the WINNING PLAN FOR PMP.

Every PMP aspirant needs some guidance on how to tackle the exam questions. Here is some…

We (The authors) studied thousands of questions before we ventured to write this book. A PMP aspirant needs to be prepared to be tested on all aspects of analytical, logical, mathematical, management and leadership project management skills.

In this section, we have categorised the exam questions into 4 unique types. You might find various other sources classifying questions into 10-14 categories, but all of them can be boiled down to these 4 simpler types. Tricks to tackle long winding (and time consuming) situational questions has also been given special attention! We have indicated hints on the best way to tackle each of these question types in our section “Type of Questions and How to solve them”. It is all here in the “Winning Plan for PMP”

To read further… Catch up with our new book. WINNING PLAN FOR PMP – A roadmap to pass the exam.

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