“WINNNING PLAN FOR PMP® – A roadmap to pass the exam” is a book that hand holds and guides the Project Management Professional (PMP) aspirant, whose battle otherwise may be a lonely one.

Below are the glimpses of …WINNNING PLAN FOR PMP


The Winning Plan for PMP

This chapter provides a detailed stepwise map to study for the PMP exam. These steps have been depicted in the form of a chart that can be followed as a road map to pass the exam.

How to Solve PMP Questions

Winning Plan for PMP kindleThis section of the book analyses the types of questions a PMP aspirant encounters in the exam and provides tips on how to study, prepare and answer them. Numerous websites have a rather elaborate categorisation of the questions around 10 to 15 types.  Too many types eventually leads to confusion since PMP questions end up falling in two or more of these multiple categories

Success lies in the nuances

There are several terms in the PMP exam that are confusing. The PMP aspirant finds it difficult to understand the fine line of difference between the many terms defined by PMI because they are unique yet seem so similar that there is a strong likelihood that one may mix them up. Here is a list of the confusing PMP terms and their explanations.


From Mr. D Y Pathak, M.Sc., M.C.A, MBA, PfMP, PMP, CISA – President (2015-2017) PMI Mumbai Chapter

“The book “Winning Plan for PMP” by Vidhi Raj and Vidyesh Alve provides sound foundations for aspiring PMP candidates. The extensive study and experience by the authors about the PMBOK and the examination’s intricacies has brought about a truly practical and workable plan for passing the PMP examination successfully!!!”


‘WINNINGPMPLAN’ – Win it by planning for it!

Consider yourself the Winning PM (Project Manager) with a Plan from us to achieve your PMP certification!

As important it is to plan any activity or project, it is equally important for you to plan your approach to gain PMP certification. Applying the fundamentals from the PMBOK in your endeavour shall enable you to test them in your exam preparation as well on your real life situation. Here’s a time tested Plan for you which shall involve you initiating, planning, executing , monitoring & controlling and finally closing this journey with success! All the best on your road forward!

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